First comes a
loose sketch, idea

We read and comprehend what you’ve written from questionnaire we've provided you. This understanding is the basis of our creative idea, rooted in your brand.

Then the idea
turns into design

Our ideas start to take form based on the function of what your business does. Each element represents something your business delivers, so that your customers clearly understand the benefits you will bring them.


Development is

These design elements are worked further visually and verbally to clearly communicate everything your target audience needs to know about your business. And as they learn, they will choose you above anyone else.

Presentation and
final touches

The journey to your identity continues as your business representation comes to life through whatever it is you need: email signatures, ebook layouts, business presentation templates, business cards. Because now you begin to take your customers on a journey that is all about your business and how you will help them.

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It’s now easy for you to get creative and stand out from the crowd with the design shop. the design shop is making it accessible for all businesses to have a strong creative presence in the community with designed collateral at their fingertips.

we are a Melbourne based design studio offering brand identity and marketing solutions as well as random design prints.

Got any questions?
Reach out hello@thedesignshop.com.au