beating the block

as we enter yet another year, we all commence the year on a high.. Well, it’s Summer!! How can we begin the year on a low, as it has be proven the sun can engage and increase our Serotonin levels.

it’s standard behaviour for me to start documenting my emotions, my plans, my fears, and of course my goals for the year in January.. So, after two years of adapting to the new normal Covid has placed on us – 2022 has seen us live a relatively near normal life.. I do find myself reassessing and questioning my journey and where it’ll lead me.. in 2022, I began my hiatus from my existing business misstoni design  and devoted year to the remarkable organisation CMY – the Centre for Multicultural Youth. A non profit organisation based in Melbourne, providing specialist knowledge and support to young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. This journey has been exhilarating, especially after experiencing a worldwide pandemic alongside two years of constant lockdowns in Melbourne. These two long years basically changed my ideals, and have altered my thinking…

I’ve lived such a privileged life and am so fortunate to be sheltered from all the elements and am in no short supply of food, so it’s my duty to offer support and assist others / communities that are not so fortunate.. Let 2023 begin!



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