Marketing collateral.

Let’s promote your business using conventional methods.

Social media isn’t the only method we should rely on to build brand awareness or promote our business. Printed collateral is as vital and has several purposes for a business. 

Anything printed can enhance your image by presenting a professional and consistent image that inspires confidence and trust in the brand. It can also assist with promoting brand awareness. Printed collateral can help with building brand recognition by promoting your businesses consistently in a visually appealing way. This can build customer relationships that help to build trust and loyalty.

Marketing collateral can also be used to educate and inform potential customers, making the sales process more efficient and effective. As a result: drive leads, by including calls-to-action that encourage customers to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

Marketing collateral such as brochures, case studies, and white papers can be used to demonstrate your business’s knowledge and expertise, helping to establish its credibility and reputation.

So, if it’s a brochure, signage or a simple business card that’s required this is the service you need.

items can include:

a style guide

A style guide can be used internally by your staff members to ensure all items look consistent and carry a similar theme. A mood board showcasing a general look and feel of products can also support the style guide.

in house document templates

In house documents such as proposals, email signatures etc. are as important as promoted items. Your internal items should also adhere to your brand.

promotional items

Items such as flyers, brochures, invitations, packaging, email marketing can be created in your Canva account, which can then be edited at your leisure or duplicated to produced variations in house.

signage design

External signage, internal graphics, exhibitions stands, banners etc can be designed.

Create a strong presence

We’d love to help your business create the strong presence you deserve to further engage, influence and connect with your customers.

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It’s now easy for you to get creative and stand out from the crowd with the design shop. the design shop is making it accessible for all businesses to have a strong creative presence in the community with designed collateral at their fingertips.

we are a Melbourne based design studio offering brand identity and marketing solutions as well as random design prints.

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